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For Private Industry

From helping a great startup’s  ideas gain proper intellectual property protection to assisting multi million dollar companies on growth strategies, John Karp and his team of collaborators have the experience to assist your business in finding the assets to fill the needs of your growing business.  Unlike many consulting houses, however, we are willing to get hands on: We not only share information but also “pinch hit” in many of the functions required as companies grow.   People running growing companies are tasked with such a large workload that obtaining some assistance can pay great dividends:  From making it to a key national show to looking ahead and generating a sound business plan, many companies can grow faster by obtaining the help they need- why not pay only for what is essential as your firm grows?

Exit Strategy: Why exit strategy first? Without an exit strategy, planning for the growth of the enterprise is not possible.  John Karp, in conjunction with his associates, can advise on this critical aspect of enterprise development.

Intellectual Property counseling: While we are not attorneys, we have vetted many top IP lawyers and other resources.  We can assist with strategies to minimize IP protection costs while maximizing IP protection.

Fundraising: We position your business for successful funding by many sources for many phases of growth: Early stage grants, angel investors, NGO and commercial lenders (with guarantees such as SBA when required).

Market Research: The #1 cause of new product and service failures is inadequate market research.  Solid in house market research methodologies plus specialized market research resources are available.

Product Development and Testing: Years of experience and many university and federal laboratory relationships are combined by Karp Strategic to assist in getting your company’s products on to the market in a timely manner.

Business Planning: From pre startup through multi-million dollar expansion plans, John Karp and his associates can bring detailed knowledge and years of experience to their clients.

Marketing Support: From basic collateral through web site traffic building and advertising, Karp Strategic’s resources can get your message out.

Sales Coaching: From formation of a concise value proposition to staffing strategy, Karp Strategic’s resources can help to get your sales numbers where you want them.

Operational Management: Highly experienced associated can yield new viewpoints on best practices in operations, yielding significant bottom line improvements.

Due Diligence: Investigating the realities of a potential investment’s business opportunity and technology position within its sector are critical.  As a licensed engineer and a business manager, John and his associates can acquire and analyze the data to answer these and other important questions for investors.  Extensive technology and market research capacity, coupled with John’s 20 years of financial modeling for growing enterprises allows Karp Strategic to provide this significant portion of a due diligence package to investors.