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About Us

Who We Are:
Karp Strategic Consulting was founded in 2005 by John Karp, P.E.  an Engineer by training and a technology manager for over 15 years. John has held such positions as Engineering Manager at Navtec, a company which designs and builds mast support structure and high pressure hydraulics for the most sophisticated sailing yachts in the world.  He also served as General Manager of Syris Scientific, a Harvard University Medical School spinout product taking Syris from a startup state into a successful multi-national medical device development and marketing concern.  John has also assisted many companies in attaining financing and has written business plans for companies up to $10 million in sales.  Also an avid inventor and serial entrepeneur, John has several patents to his credit.  Along the way,  John has vetted and utilized many other professionals to deliver high quality results for his employers, his businesses and clients.  Many of these professionals form the closely aligned team which, along with John can fulfill many management needs for a growing company, with all the access to highly qualified, fully vetted professionals but with a far lower overhead structure than typical business consulting organizations, resulting in rates which larger business consultancies cannot match.

John D. Karp P.E.

What We Do:
From helping a great startup’s  ideas gain proper intellectual property protection to assisting multi million dollar companies, NGOs and Governmental programs on growth strategies, John Karp and his team of collaborators have the experience to assist your business in finding the assets to fill the needs of your growing organization.  Unlike many consultancies, however, we are willing to get hands on: We not only share information but also “pinch hit” in many of the functions required as companies grow.   People running growing organizations are tasked with such a large workload that obtaining some assistance can pay great dividends:  From making it to a key national show to looking ahead and generating a sound business plan, many groups can grow faster and deliver better products and services by obtaining the help they need- why not pay only for what is essential as your organization grows?